Cancellation Policy

There are no surgery cancellation fees if you decide not to go ahead with surgery, however, if you decide to cancel or terminate your surgical holiday, some cancellation fees apply.

Please refer to the cancellation policy applied by the travel agent with regard to bookings made through the travel agent, upon your booking. In the case that you have personally booked your flight, Surgery Getaways has no involvement or responsibility, financial or otherwise, with these arrangements.

A $260.00 non-refundable service and admin fee is to be paid within 7 days of receipt of the Payment Invoice. Once payment has been received and you are unable to travel on the committed date, we will require written notice 21 days before your original committed surgery date. If this is adhered Surgery Getaways will provide you with a credit and permit the value of the service and admin payment to be transferred to a future booking within 8 months.

No refund or transfer is available for cancellations after the surgery holiday package has commenced.

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