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Tara - VIC (Dr Narupon - Phuket)
After having my two children, as all mothers can understand our bodies aren’t what they used to be. I always loved my breasts before pregnancy and then once I had lost that firmness and fullness I became self-conscious, and uncomfortable in my own skin. After months of complaining to my husband, I considered breast implants but never actually thought I would go through with it. I researched for months and read as much as possible about other women’s experiences. Recently I had some friends go through Surgery Getaways and they highly recommended getting my procedure done through them at the Phuket International Hospital.

After the first contact with Catherine Skinner via email, the response was fast and I was confident with the surgeon’s suggestions and quote. I soon after booked everything in, and Catherine was extremely supportive when I had questions or required more information about Thailand as I had never been there before. All I had to do was waiting 2 months for my surgery date to come along, I was full of nerves and was anxious but excited because I was able to go on a holiday as well as enlarging my breasts. It was a win win situation as far as I was concerned.

When the date came along, we flew to Phuket and we were met at the Airport by the Transfer pick up. The lady who met us was so friendly and provided me with the information about my surgery and the pick-up times. It was a huge relief having all transfers included as it took the stress off having to organise transport to and from the airport, the hospital for surgery and my follow up. Once at the hospital for surgery, all the staff were amazingly friendly, the hospital was clean and so efficient! I barely waited, and before I knew it I was wheeled into surgery where the surgeon confirmed the size I wanted and ensured that I was happy before we commenced. One of the surgeons even made jokes with me so I could relax, they were fantastic! Once awake from surgery, as I was still drowsy I felt my new boobs, smiled then went to sleep.

The hospital staff provided me with lovely food, and came in to assist me whenever i required it. I don't even have anything negative to say about my experience. I decided on 400cc Round silicone high profile implants, Dual plane and inserted under the breast. I was released from hospital by lunchtime the next day after surgery, and sent back to our hotel with antibiotics and pain killers. I could not believe how 'good' I felt considering i just had surgery. Obviously laying down and getting back up was difficult, but my husband helped me. The first week my breasts sat high and were extremely hard, I panicked and began stressing but after speaking with friends and researching, it was completely normal for the breasts to be like this, and ideally i shouldn't look at my new breasts for 6 weeks until everything has settled. It has now been 3 weeks and my breasts have gone through many different feelings, numbness, tingles, itchiness but it is all normal and I LOVE my new breasts. The stitches were removed one week after surgery, and my bruising has gone away. I do the required massage every day to help soften the breasts and I look forward to seeing how much more they change over the next 3 weeks.

Thank you Catherine, and the Surgeons and nurses at Phuket International Hospital. You are all amazing. .

Maria - VIC (Dr Veerawat - Phuket)
Ever since I was 16 I have always been insecure about the size of my breasts. I thought about having a breast augmentation later but I could never really afford it. A few months ago a friend of mine was telling me about how her sister had her breast augmentation done in Thailand and how it was so much cheaper AND you get a holiday out of it as well.

I was still uneasy about organizing surgery overseas but my friend had told me that there are agents that could organize all that. So we found Surgery Getaways and they have been great, organizing everything from surgery dates to airport to hotel transfers. Not only that, I was able to get a loan that gets payed back over years, this made life so much easier.

Catherine the manager of Surgery Getaways has been fantastic. Always helpful and quick to answer any questions I had. I did so much research and could not find one bad review about PIAC or Dr Veerawat, my surgeon. Three weeks before we were supposed to go to Thailand my friend's plans to go fell through due to medical issues. I ended up having to choose between losing most of my flights/accommodation money or going on my own. I decided to go on my own and I think it was one of the best decision I have ever made.

I had my consultation with the surgeon first where he explained the surgery to me and answered all my questions (I had a lot). He was very patient and helped me choose the implant size. The next day I had the surgery early in the morning. Not going to lie when I first woke up I was really sore but then it gradually got better. The hospital is so clean, I have worked in several hospitals in Melbourne and the care I received was the same if not better than what patients get here in Australia. I stayed at the hospital 2 nights only because I was by myself and was worried.

After that I was transported back to the hotel and was able to manage completely fine. I had no issues whatsoever. By the fourth day, I was out and about. Went on day trips and met SO many people from all over the world. All in all, it was a great experience and I would do it again in a tick.

Bonita - QLD (Dr Narupon - Phuket)
I was considering for years to have a breat augmentation. I went to a recommended surgeon in Brisbane and was quite shocked when quoted the costs, so I began to research for a cheaper alternative. Thailand seemed to be the happening place for Australians to have surgery, I read so many good reviews when I started researching Thailand for surgery. I came across a few agencies that do the organising for you and eventually decided to go with Surgery Getaways as I found Catherine a very informed and knowledgeable contact. After a lot of communication back and forth, I was organised to have surgery in Phuket with Dr Narupon.

Dr Narupon was easy to communicate with and explained about my surgery, we discussed implant size, placement and incision cites, explaining all my options. Yep! I felt very secure about going ahead with surgery. Later that day I had surgery. The hospital staffs were amazing, the hospital was pristine clean and modern and I had my own private room. My husband stayed in the room overnight with me.

I am in love with my new breast and would recommend the experience I had to anyone feeling insecure about traveling overseas for surgery. Great job Catherine! and thank you Surgery Getaways for being a positive part of my experience.

Cheryl - NSW (Dr Thawatchai - Bangkok)
Having a breast lift and possible implants after children was a thought never far from my mind. I decided to do some research and was quite amazed at the information that can be found on the internet. It seemed that Thailand was the place to go, but what hospital and what surgeon?

I contacted a few agents and received responses but leaned more towards Surgery Getaways as I was able to speak by phone to Catherine and my questions were always answered with experience and knowledge, this was comforting. Everything was organised and it wasn't long before I was in Bangkok.

The hospital was amazing, so big, so clean and beautiful uniforms worn by the women. After administration I was met with my English co-ordinator and was taken to my consultation with my surgeon. Dr Thawatchai gave me all the time I needed and was very responsive to my questions and explanation of surgery and incisions. I ended up having a breast lift with implants as this was the better option during our discussions. After surgery I had my own private room and hubby was able to stay with me during my stay. He was given pillows and blankets to sleep on the couch in my room. The nursing staff were amazing and very attentive to my every whim. Always checking in on me and taking vitals, I could not fault anything including the meals supplied.

After leaving the hospital we stayed in the nicest hotel Catherine organised. It was equivalent to upper class hotels in Australia but affordably cheaper. The buffet breakfast was really good and great selection (hubby loved it!) and there were other restaurants in the hotel, a gym and outdoor pool. Recovery was sore after surgery (to be expected) but it didn't stop us from enjoying Bangkok sightseeing, shopping and the occasional foot massage or 3. Bangkok is a busy hub of a place but it is all an experience.

Once I got home the healing process was still ongoing but the results – Amazing! This was the best decision I made and would have the experience all over again if I had too. My hubby is over the moon about the results and experience of Bangkok. Thank you to Surgery Getaways and a special thank you to you Catherine. Well done!

Chen Lee - Singapore (Dr Pitch - Bangkok)
Hi to all ladies who are considering to go for plastic surgery to change their appearance and boost their confidence. I made up my mind and decided to go for Breast Augmentation and Nose Augmentation. After consultation with a local doctor in my country who quoted an enormous amount just for BA, I started looking for alternatives. My friend got to know about my intentions and suggested that I do it in Thailand which is very well-known for Cosmetic surgeries.

I started doing my research online, emailing a few agencies which helps to organise these procedures overseas. In the end, I chose Catherine from Surgery Getaways and I knew I had made the perfect choice. Catherine was just awesome , sincere and always willing to help me despite the fact that I told her I had decided to choose another agency , which had end up telling me they could not provide for my airport transfer arrangement.

I went back to Catherine again to ask for help and without another word, she assisted me in planning for my trip to Thailand and that was when I had my dreams come true. Everything was very well organised. On the morning before I left for Yanhee Hospital. I received a call from Catherine at the Golden Tulip hotel advising me what to expect and talking to her really made my anxious mind at ease and felt really relieved. I had consultation with Dr Pitch in the morning at 9am as arranged, I told him exactly what I want to achieve and agree to have the surgery done on the same day. Dr Pitch is a nice doctor, a man with very little words but with very experienced and good hands and skills.

I had a private room assigned in the hospital and my friend who was with me was able to sleep at a comfortable couch next to me. The nurses are very nice and even provide him with pillow and blankets. I had my nose done with sedation and follow by BA. I was asleep all the while and had no memories of what had happened. I felt sore and pain on my chest and my nose felt swollen when I woke up. I could not move at all and my friend had to feed me with drinks and food. I fell asleep again right after and when I woke up the next morning, the nurses brought me pain medicines and porridge for breakfast. I was discharged on that day at 3pm they allowed me to take my time and make sure I was fine before I left the hospital and went back to hotel and rest.

It felt really amazing now that I look at myself in the mirror. I could not believe how much this trip had changed me. And I remember the 3rd day after the surgery, I met up with Catherine at the hotel lobby and she offered to bring me for a foot massage at MBK shopping center which I had never been to the next day with her daughter who was in Bangkok for a holiday. It's really nice gesture and I want to say I appreciate everything she did for me. Her recommendations on places to have good food, constantly reminds me to bring along my hotel directions card whenever I go and all the warm help really melts my heart and made my trip to Bangkok a very safe and memorable one.

2 weeks after my surgery in Bangkok, I am back now in Singapore and had been receiving lots of good comments on my nose and breasts. They looked amazingly natural and I am so glad I made this choice. Yanhee Hospital is great hospital with very professional surgeons and Golden Tulip is a nice and comfortable hotel to stay in. Million thanks to Catherine and Surgery Getaways. I will always recommend you to anyone!

Lily - NSW (Dr Greechart - Bangkok)
Hi girls, I just wanted to share my experience of surgery overseas in Thailand and with Surgery Getaways! At first I was skeptical about surgery in Thailand and to be honest wouldn't have considered it. But after meeting a nurse in Sydney who had her BA done overseas, she told me all about how the hospitals and surgeons are of international standard. The surgeons are just as talented, the results are just as good, the quality of the implants are the same - American and French made - people just don't know it! So after endless research, reading through lots of blogs, plastic surgery forums and hospital reviews I felt confident surgery in Thailand would be just as safe and I'd get the same results and quality for less than half the price.

I started researching medical travel agencies and got a few quotes and emailed back and forth different companies. In the end, I chose Surgery Getaways because Catherine is amazing! Against the odds, she managed to turn things around for me last minute. I spoke to her via text, email and over the phone. She was practical and helpful, she answered all my questions and gave me so much information. I really felt like she went out of her way to get me the dates and surgeon I wanted. It was easy and everything was clearly explained to me. I can't recommend Surgery getaways highly enough - Catherine completely soothed my mind and was just so nice to deal with.

I chose Yanhee hospital because I wanted Dr Greechart. I heard he was the best, and well, I wanted the best! Even though I had heard he was very busy and his consultations were very short, I didn't care, I wanted an experienced surgeon who I could trust. It felt very surreal walking into Yanhee because it all happened so fast for me - from actual decision to surgery, and as the reality sunk in a little, not going to lie, I was nervous! My English coordinator was really knowledgeable and understanding and stayed with me the whole time which I appreciated. My consultation with Dr Greechart was (sure enough) very fast and to the point. For me, that was absolutely fine, I expected that after hearing about him. I got the sense he knew exactly what he was doing and could do this stuff in his sleep so it kind of reassured me in a way. Plus by the time I saw him I already knew what I wanted and his recommendation was exactly the same so I was happy.

Before surgery I was really nervous. I am terrified of needles so the nursing staff were incredibly helpful and calming, making sure I was comfortable and constantly checking in on me. After the surgery again they were so helpful and attentive, giving me pain medication and making sure I was ok. The first time I saw my new breasts I was a bit dazed but relieved and excited. I liked the way they looked and could tell they were going to turn out great.

Overall, I am really happy with everything - the surgery, the results, the hospital, the staff. The hospital is clean, the rooms are nice. There was an extra couch with blankets set up for my boyfriend to sleep on. It's been three weeks gone by for me and I am absolutely thrilled with how natural my boobs look. The incision scar is already disappearing and I'm really excited to see how they turn out! Every day I like my new boobs more and more. I'm so glad I got it done, and I am so impressed with Surgery Getaways, Yanhee and with Dr Greechart's work!
Thanks Catherine!

Jessica - NSW (Dr Suthat - Bangkok)
For me, deciding to have cosmetic surgery overseas was a major decision and I had been looking into it for a while before I sent in a few inquiries. After corresponding with a few companies I settled on Surgery Getaways in appreciation of being able to contact them and ask many questions, which in turn Catherine made me feel comfortable enough to make the decision for proceeding with surgery in Bangkok.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was taken back by how big and clean the hospital was. There was staff everywhere in beautiful uniforms. I met with my English co-ordinater and she took me to see my surgeon Dr Suthat. Wanting a breast augmentation I needed to feel comfortable in having all my questions met and after choosing implants size and placement, I felt very confident with Dr Suthat as my surgeon but still a little nervous about surgery itself.

The following day after surgery I was a little nausea. The nurses were sweet and very attentive and if I asked for anything it was never a problem. I was sore but excited at the same time that I finally had breast, making me feel so much more feminine! The next few days I rested in the most beautiful hotel Surgery Getaways organised for me but after that my friend and I were unstoppable with sight-seeing and the amazing shopping to be had. Catherine did advise to pack lightly just in case I needed the room in my luggage after shopping and oh boy was she right!

When I arrived back in Australia my friends bombarded me, wanting to see my breast and asking so many questions. They were amazing how I looked and so was I, so natural, I absolutely love the new me and now fit proportionally into my clothes.

All in all I was so impressed with the clean well-presented Hospital and their staff, the beautiful Hotel and their amazing buffet breakfast and of course the amazing results of my surgery. Thank you!

Sarah -QLD (Dr Pramote - Bangkok)
After contacting Surgery Getaways I was soon organised for surgery with Dr Pramote. Even though originally I only wanted a neck lift, Dr Pramote recommended a mid-face lift as well for better results. I had a choice to have surgery in Phuket or Bangkok but chose Dr Pramote in Bangkok after reading his profile.

Dr Pramote was very informative, answered my questions so I was happy with my consultation. My surgery went really well and I cannot praise the staff at the hospital enough. There were no hiccups and everything went as planned. I was so impressed with everything at Yanhee and have just about talked everyone I have spoken to since, into going there for treatments.

The accommodation, the Golden Tulip I stayed at was gorgeous and their staff were always extremely helpful. A few days after surgery, my husband and I decided to go to Pattaya. We returned to have my stitches removed and after had some dental treatments done. 

Catherine, the director, had contacted me shortly after surgery and it was comforting to chat with her. I praise you and your company for the fantastic way you helped me from the word go. Thank you so much Tracey, your service and support has been second to none.

Sama - QLD (Dr Chatpong - Bangkok)
I just wanted to say thank you to Surgery Getaways for your help and support organizing accommodation and surgeries in Bangkok, Thailand.

Firstly thank you for your professionalism in the consultation phase, and all your great advice throughout this period. It was a huge step for me as a male, to make this decision, and I guess it is similar for many others.

The accommodation at the Golden Tulip was excellent. The king size room was well appointed, quite luxurious. The hotel had all the facilities one would expect from a 5 star hotel in Australia. The food was outstanding, great chefs, and most of the buffet palette was quite "western". Friendly English speaking staff made communication very easy.

The hospital was first class and very, very clean. Don't believe anything contrary that you may see on TV. I had my own private room and en-suite, mini bar, TV, seating area and it was very quiet. Food was delicious and a great menu selection.

Ok, the surgery. Well the pre-surgery consult was excellent. The Surgeon, Dr. Chatpong was highly experienced, spoke English fluently, and there was an interpreter always present just in case. The medical I had after the consult was excellent, and pretty much everything was covered - blood test, cardio and allergies etc. - everything you would expect in Australia.

The surgery itself went well, mine went for 2 hours, and whilst there was some bruising to my eyes, there wasn't much pain at all. The day after my surgery the General Manager of the hospital came and saw me to get some feedback, and was very nice.

All in all it was excellent, and I have to say, I love the effect. It’s been 2 weeks since my surgery and none of my friends can tell, although I definitely can see the difference. Thank you again so much for organising this and for going out of your way on more than one occasion. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone that is thinking of taking the plunge. It's worth it!

Kathryn - QLD (Dr Veerawat - Phuket)
I had always dreamed of getting a breast augmentation for a long time, always on my wish list for the distant future but as much as I wanted it, never a common thought as I knew I was long away from putting together that kind of money! Until i found out through a friend about her surgery and going overseas for it and how much cheaper it was. I was extremely interested and I then started asking nonstop questions because I was very impressed with how hers looked, better/more natural looking than most jobs I've seen. She referred me to Surgery Getaways and from that moment - it was definitely happening!

I was impressed by the details and all information given on the website and started to get more and more excited, still did my research and looked at other companies but still came back to find this one was the best option. When I made my first inquiry, I was contacted back very quickly and was able to book my surgery for the soonest date possible - there was no more waiting! Catherine was extremely helpful and organised everything for me, including all my surgery and accommodation bookings and transfers! She was very lovely and friendly to speak to, easy to contact, and always patient with answering any questions I had. She also made me feel as comfortable as possible in doing all this on my own as I am only 19 and was travelling all alone and for the first time, also first time surgery, I couldn't have done it otherwise.

When I arrived at the airport in Phuket, I had someone waiting for me to take me to my hotel. I was lucky to have a friend staying close by to show me around on my first night before he left the next day. Early the next morning, I was picked up and taken to the hospital to meet with my surgeon Dr. Veerawat. I requested the same surgeon my friend had. It was a huge relief that he spoke fluent English and was very easy to communicate with, it made me feel very comfortable. I got to explain exactly what I wanted and he did a great job in presenting my best options and helping me make the right decision. From then it all happened very quickly! I woke up from my surgery wrapped in bandages and I couldn't believe it was all done. The nurses in the hospital were constantly there making sure I was doing okay and providing me with whatever I needed. The hospital services and facilities were of a very high standard, I think more so than I'd expect from home. In my case, I was in a LOT of almost-unbearable pain (which is normal) had the drain tubes and was bleeding a lot.. but my doctor came in to see me every day and advised me if I needed to stay longer in the hospital at no extra charge. I ended up staying for 3 nights because of the bleeding, I guess everyone is different, and well that I was thankful for because I came alone and couldn't have imagined managing those first few days out on my own.

When I returned to my hotel, I was lucky enough to coincidentally have my friend from home that referred me in the first place, staying there as well for an extra 3 nights. She was able to give me advice as she'd just gone through the same thing, keep me company and help me out, also take me around shopping! When travelling home I managed (with extra care) to handle my luggage alone, although still in some pain. Now, 3 ½ half months later, the results are AMAZING!!! I am over the moon, ecstatic, couldn't be more pleased with the shape, size, just perfect! I love that they're really full but still proportionate to my size as I'm quite petite. Wouldn't have wanted them any bigger!

Dr Veerawat understood precisely what look I was going for! I always get compliments and love it when people have to question if they're real or not or are surprised to find they're augmented :) I have referred so many girls to Surgery Getaways and can say nothing but great things about everything and the whole experience, would definitely do it again!!!

Sonia - WA (Dr Sanguan - Phuket)
I found surgery Getaways on the internet whilst I was doing my research in getting breast augmentation in Thailand, I contacted them and inquired about it and within days I was contacted by Catherine Skinner who provided me with all the information’s that I needed to make my decision in getting my surgery done and also going through Surgery Getaways.

Between the time I inquired and my surgery date I kept in contact with Catherine via email and phone calls on anything I was worried about, no matter how silly my questions were she helped me either way, reassuring me that everything was taken care of and I had nothing to worry about.

Over all it was the best thing I have ever done and would definitely go through Surgery Getaways if I had to in the future, it was an amazing experience, Surgery Getaways have helped me so much that I had nothing to worry or stress about.

I had my breast done at Phuket international Hospital by Dr Sanguan who is definitely amazing was easy to talk with and understood what I wanted and gave me what i wanted :). I was blown away by the hospitality of the nurses and my brilliant surgeon of how well they looked after me before and after my surgery.

My results are amazing I definitely recommend anyone who's thinking of going to Thailand to go through Surgery Getaways, I have also already recommended Surgery Getaways and Catherine Skinner to a couple of my friends and family :)

AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE got to say, money well spent :)
Thank you so much Catherine.

Judith - VIC (Dr Veerawat - Phuket)
You’re NEVER too old to make a change!

At the age of 49, I decided to start doing all of the things I had always talked about and having breast enhancement surgery was by far the most exciting! Once I mentioned to a few friends that I was interested, the positive feedback began to flow and all had chosen to go through Surgery Getaways. I checked out the website, sent off my first email, and within 2 months I was recuperating by the pool at Patong Beach.

The level of care was superior to any I have received back in Australia, all the hospital staff spoke English, and my surgeon Dr Veerawat was just lovely.

It is now 3 months since my surgery, and my girls look wonderful. I went from an “A” cup to a full “C”, they look so natural, and I can hardly see the scars! All my close friends cannot believe how good they look, and what a sensational job my surgeon did. Post-surgery I have been problem-free, and my girls continue to look better every week; I really wish I had done this 20 years ago, but it is definitely better late than never!

This decision has changed my life so much for the confidence is right up there. I can now buy strappy tops for summer, and feminine bras/bikinis, because I now have something to fill them with I did this for me, not my husband or anyone else. I would highly recommend Surgery Getaways to anyone wanting to make a positive change to their body – it’s YOUR body, YOUR decision!

Tyron - VIC (Dr Boonchai - Phuket)
I arrived at the airport and was greeted by an very well dressed and professional Thai lady dressed in "Phuket international hospital" uniform and straight away this put me at ease, as I was up tight on the flight to Phuket, she gave me some more useful information of my surgery and took me straight to the hotel and, although I booked the hotel myself it was a lovely resort.

I unpacked my bags and went straight to bed. In the morning I was greeted shortly after breakfast with a driver to take me to hospital, he was very friendly and was escorted straight into the plastic surgery rooms on level 3 of the hospital. I was given paper work to read over and then was able to have a meeting with my surgeon Dr Boonchai. He put my mind at ease and I was very content to go ahead with the liposuction on my outer hips and back area. All the nurses spoke perfect English and I had blood taken and lots of tests done before I was showed to my room. I had a few hours in my room to read over the surgery papers and get changed and re-coop. I always had a nurse by my side reassuring me everything was going to be ok. I was wheeled into a different ward ready for surgery while all the time I had at least 1 nurse by my side taking my blood pressure every 10 or so mins and before I know it I was under.

The recovery was great, every time I needed to go to the bathroom, which was quite often I buzzed a nurse and she was there in a flash, didn't even have time to blink!! And I was well fed. The next day I was seen by the doctor and given all my meds and explained to how I should take them and the after care of the wounds and what to do and not to do. I was quite sore for the best part of the 10 days I was there, but I could see results straight away with in hours after surgery was fantastic.

I had a follow up on the 7th day after surgery and the doctor said it was perhaps the best result he had seen in such a short space of recovery time after surgery, which would suggest a great technique perform by my doctor, so 2 days later I was off home and I didn’t have any pain on the flight home, not even much swelling, i was shocked.

I have just turned 21 and I work out every day and am very fit. I train and compete with horses in dressage and am looking forward to training them towards London next year. I was by no means fat as I am 6 foot something and before surgery weight 86kg, however since I was a kid I always had hips, no matter how thin or how much muscle I put on and for my silhouette for riding I decided to have lipo.

I am so happy with my results and would do it again over in a heartbeat I've lost 4 inches on my lips, and overall (with dieting) 9 kilos and feel great and look my best. I would like to say a huge thank you to Cathy and the team at Surgery Getaways for getting me onto this great experience in my life. I feel like I can go on living with nothing holding me down now, I’ve changed for the better and I owe it to the whole team who made it possible, thanks heaps guys :)

Laura - Cairns (Dr Veerawat -- Phuket)
First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to Catherine for helping me organise my surgery getaway. I knew ever since I was a teenager that I wanted to get a breast augmentation although I was worried about the price and did not trust the validity of an overseas surgery.

I contacted Catherine through her website and she was very responsive, contacting me quickly to help answer all my questions. She was friendly and patient throughout the whole process. Catherine sent me a medical questionnaire to find out more about myself and what I wanted to achieve by my surgery, all I had to do was email this back with a few photos of the surgery area. Catherine contacted Dr. Veerawat who was my surgeon to find out his opinion and projected cost, these details were all forwarded to myself and I was invited to contact her with any queries.

Not long after I was contacted by Catherine to find out what decision I had made based on the quote I had received. When I decided to go ahead with the surgery, I booked flights and forwarded my itinerary to Catherine who sent me all my information regarding pick-ups, surgery dates/costs.

Arriving in Thailand, I was picked up by the Phuket International Hospital team who were all very friendly, spoke fluent English and were ready to answer any questions I had. The day of the surgery, I was picked up by the PIH team and taken to the hospital where I met Dr. Veerawat who was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable and he was very confident in doing my surgery. He made me feel very comfortable that I would be achieving a ‘natural’ look. A few hours later I had my breast augmentation.

Waking up from surgery I was dazed and in a lot of pain, the staff at the PIH made sure that I was comfortable and kept me calm. I was provided with meals and painkillers to help with the healing process. The room I stayed in was private and included a couch for my friend to sleep on while I was in hospital. I was checked on every few hours and assured that everything was fine, I was able to call a nurse if I ever needed one.

The next day my bandages were removed and I was able to see my new breasts! Although I was shocked, I could already see that I was very happy and had gotten exactly what I asked for. The same day I was discharged from the hospital and given medication to administer to myself when I needed it. I was able to go out and explore Thailand with my best friend soon after. This was definitely one of the best holidays ever!

Before surgery I was self-conscious and unhappy with my body, I would not even wear a bikini to the beach, the difference this surgery has made to my life is immense. My friends are all so jealous and want their breasts done. A girl I work with had her breasts done in Australia and said that my breasts are exactly like hers and she is jealous that she paid an extra $10,000 more than myself.

Thank you so much Catherine Skinner and the Phuket International Hospital team!

Jane - WA (Dr Sanguan - Phuket)
As far as the surgery went, I have never been happier than after Dr Sanguan Kunaporn operated in such a professional way. Even when I had panic attacks and started going into fainting spells, he and his staff were extremely efficient and managed to get me oxygen in time. I believe this is not normal for this to happen but they were wonderful and I would still go under Dr Sanguan Kunaporn’s knife any day.

All the staff at the hospital was second to none and I would not hesitate in recommending them in the future. The hospital itself, was clean, and I was surprised at how much nicer it was than our hospitals over here.

Thank you once again for organizing our getaway so efficiently and I would also like to acknowledge your role as Director. It was always very easy to ask any questions and approach you for information when we weren’t sure about something.

Well done to you and I look forward to using Surgery Getaways in the future.

Caroline - WA (Dr Veerawat - Phuket)
First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to Catherine for helping me organise my surgery getaway. I knew ever since I was a teenager that I wanted to get a breast augmentation although I was worried about the price and did not trust the validity of an overseas surgery.

I contacted Catherine through her website and she was very responsive, contacting me quickly to help answer all my questions. She was friendly and patient throughout the whole process. Catherine sent me a medical questionnaire to find out more about myself and what I wanted to achieve by my surgery, all I had to do was email this back with a few photos of the surgery area. Catherine contacted Dr. Veerawat who was my surgeon to find out his opinion and projected cost, these details were all forwarded to me and I was invited to contact her with any queries.

Not long after I was contacted by Catherine to find out what decision I had made based on the quote I had received. When I decided to go ahead with the surgery, I booked flights and forwarded my itinerary to Catherine who sent me all my information regarding pick-ups, surgery dates/costs.

Arriving in Thailand, I was picked up by the Phuket International Hospital team who were all very friendly, spoke fluent English and were ready to answer any questions I had. The day of the surgery, I was picked up by the PIH team and taken to the hospital where I met Dr. Veerawat who was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. He was very confident in doing my surgery and made me feel very comfortable that I would be achieving a ‘natural’ look. A few hours later I had my breast augmentation.

Waking up from surgery I was dazed and in a lot of pain, the staff at the PIH made sure that I was comfortable and kept me calm. I was provided with meals and painkillers to help with the healing process. The room I stayed in was private and included a couch for my friend to sleep on while I was in hospital. I was checked on every few hours and assured that everything was fine, I was able to call a nurse if I ever needed one.

The next day my bandages were removed and I was able to see my new breasts! Although I was shocked, I could already see that I was very happy and had gotten exactly what I asked for. The same day I was discharged from the hospital and given medication to administer to myself when I needed it. I was able to go out and explore Thailand with my best friend soon after. This was definitely one of the best holidays ever!

Before surgery I was self-conscious and unhappy with my body, I would not even wear a bikini to the beach, the difference this surgery has made to my life is immense. My friends are all so jealous and want their breasts done. A girl I work with had her breasts done in Australia and said that my breasts are exactly like hers and she is jealous that she paid an extra $10,000 more than myself.

Thank you so much Catherine Skinner and the Phuket International Hospital team!

Tiffany - QLD (Dr Veerawat - Phuket)
It was only about 3 months ago since I got my breast augmentation and I would just like to say I absolutely LOVE THEM! I’ve always wanted to get a breast enlargement but I thought I would never be able to afford it unless I took out a loan, which I really didn’t want to do. I knew a few girls that got their breasts done in Thailand too and theirs looked perfect! I started doing some research about surgery in Thailand because like everyone else I was abit scared and worried about getting the surgery overseas. However, it ended up being the easiest process. I would like to specially thank Catherine for organising it all.

I did quiet a bit of research on different companies offering surgery and holiday packages and found that Surgery Getaways was by far the cheapest one. As soon as I enquired about it, I got a response straight away and every question I asked, Catherine would answer. The next minute I know everything was booked including my accommodation and my partner and I were on our way. Upon our arrival everything was organized for me, which was extremely comforting. We had all the transfers organized, to and from the hospital and hotel.

We were both extremely impressed of the staff and cleanliness of the Phuket international hospital. Once I met my surgeon Dr. Veerawat I felt even more comfortable and confident with my surgery. Dr. Veerawat spoke fluent English and thoroughly explained everything to me. Then only a couple of hours later I was in surgery. They also provided a couch for my partner to sleep on while he took care of me. After the surgery I was in pain but the painkillers helped a lot. The next morning Dr.Veerawat visited me and I was relieved when I heard him say that there weren’t any complications and everything was fine. He took the bandages off and I was very happy with the results and there wasn’t any bruising. I ended up staying for 2 nights (no extra charge) in hospital because I wasn’t ready to start moving around. The hospital even provided me with meals everyday and my partner could order meals. I couldn’t of done it without help from the nurses and my partner.

We were both taken back to our hotel and I was already out and about enjoying the rest of my holiday. Each day that went by I was recovering more and I was able to move around by myself. We went back to the hospital a couple of times for my post-op to check up and everything was fine. The surgery was definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever done but do not regret it one bit. As soon as I got back to Australia, I got hundreds of compliments and now everyone wants breasts like mine. I’ve recommended my surgeon and Surgery Getaways to everyone and already have a few friends going to get them done. I would definitely go back their for any other surgery. It was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had! THANK YOU!

Adele - NSW (Dr Veerawat - Phuket)
I had my surgery less than three months ago now, and the entire journey from my initial consultation to now has been outstanding. Surgery Getaways, was incredibly supportive answering any questions I had leading up to my holiday, ensuring I was completely comfortable with my; surgeon, surgeries, facility and accommodation.

Once I landed in Phuket absolutely everything was organised for me, allowing me to be stress free and relaxed. My surgeon Dr. Veerawat, was amazing, he spoke fluent English and made sure I was completely comfortable and certain that the procedures were right for me. The hospital was very large and exceptionally clean the facilities were just as good if not better than hospitals in Australia.

After waking up from the surgery in ICU, I was very groggy and nauseous but wasn’t in a whole lot of pain. Dr Veerawat visited me the next morning and took my bandage off, I was extremely happy with the result, there was no bruising and not too much swelling. It was very difficult to sit up or move around, but the nurses were all very friendly and helped me in every way possible. The pain was more of an all overall harsh ache but it was controlled with pain medications and ice packs. Every day I was getting better, but when the day came to leave hospital I wasn’t completely sure I would be able to manage on my own just yet, so Dr Veerawat let me stay in hospital another night at no extra charge. I was escorted back to my hotel the following afternoon, it was very spacious and clean.

I was out sightseeing, shopping and enjoying my holiday, within two days of getting back to the hotel. By the time I landed back in Australia and less than two weeks after my surgery, I was almost completely back to normal. Even though flying to Thailand by myself and getting plastic surgery, without telling any of my family or friends, was by far the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life, I would do it again any day. I am so incredibly happy with my results.

I am constantly getting compliments and three of my friends are now interested in having a little holiday themselves. Thanks a million!!!

Jeanette - QLD (Dr Rushapol - Phuket)
I would like to thank you Catherine your service has been absolutely first class service all the way! Surgery Getaway looked after me and the whole procedure from start to finish. I was using a different agency and was not happy with the level of service I was getting so I rang Catherine and she answered all of my questions, called me back when she said she would and handled everything from start to finish with class.

When I arrived in Phuket we were picked up and dropped off at our hotel then I was picked up from the hotel and went to the hospital and I have to say everything was just PERFECT. I got a breast lift and implants and I could not be happier with my results, I have to admit I was nervous but I was in the best hands and I would have to say it was actually a rather pleasant experience, Dr Rushapol was fabulous, the hospital was TOP CLASS and I was well looked after.

I will be sending all my friends your way Catherine and I really just want to say thank you for going above and beyond. P.S LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

Rhianna - VIC (Dr Veerawat - Phuket)
I’m 23 years old and have wanted a breast augmentation since I realised as a teenager that my breasts weren’t going to get any bigger! I’d had an initial consultation with a surgeon in Australia, but was hesitant to book the surgery due to the cost, which was going to be $12,500. Whilst I was saving up for the surgery, a friend of mine came home from Thailand with some surprise additions, and I decided to have the surgery in Phuket.

Catherine from Surgery Getaways organised everything from the surgery itself to the accommodation. They were very helpful and informative, and answered any questions I had (there were quite a few!). It was great to have everything organised for me so the only thing I needed to focus on was the surgery itself.

I had my consultation the morning after my arrival in Phuket. Dr. Veerawat was my surgeon, and I was so impressed with him. His English was perfect (he spoke better than some Australians I know), and his manner was outstanding. During the consultation he answered all my questions and gave me as much time as I needed to choose the right size and discuss my concerns. After the consultation I was shown to my private room and was told that I would be called when Dr Veerawat was ready for surgery. A few hours later the nurses came in and dressed me for surgery, and I was wheeled into theatre. I remember looking around and seeing a room full of people dressed in green, and the next thing I remember is waking up after it was all over.

I could hardly move for around 3 days, as I had sub-muscular implants with armpit incision. It was really difficult to do anything for the first day, but the nurses were there to help, and I managed to walk myself to the toilet that night without help. As each day went by I gained better movement of my arms, and by the time I left Thailand (around 10 days later), I was carrying my own bags through the airport and home. It was great having all the transfers organised because there was always someone waiting for me when I arrived or was leaving either the hotel or the hospital. Everything was arranged and it was just a matter of meeting someone in the lobby so they could drive me where I needed to be.

I would definitely recommend Surgery Getaways to anyone considered cosmetic surgery. The fact that they organise everything makes the whole process so smooth, and the actual surgery and aftercare in Phuket was of a higher standard than I would expect in Australia. If I decide to have any further surgeries I will be getting them done in Phuket.

Kara - WA (Dr Sanguan - Phuket)
I went in for surgery for Labiaplasty and all was very professional but defiantly feeling a bit nervous by now. The nurses helped me change into my gown and everyone was very friendly so I starting to feel better.

They wheeled me into surgery, I spoke with my surgeon Dr Sanguan and he explained everything step by step. The needles hurt a bit but after that I couldn’t feel anything. He also removed a mole for free which I was very happy about. After surgery he explained all the after care and I felt completely fine with no pain at all, I couldn’t believe it! I received all my medication and was explained how to take everything and if I had any problem just to call the hospital. Then I was driven back to my hotel.

After the anesthesia wore off I was in a lot of pain, I took about 6 pain killers and nothing seemed to work. I ended up calling the hospital in tears and they told me to place the cold pack on the area, so I got the hotel to bring up some ice and I instantly felt better. The first night was the worst, after that it was just a lot of swelling and I found it hard to walk!

A week later there was no pain, the swelling has gone down and the stitches were starting to come out. I already feel 100 times more confident and I’m really happy with the outcome. For one night of pain it was completely worth it and everyone at the hospital was so friendly and helpful. To get this done in Australia it would have cost me $5000, but it only cost me $700 in Thailand.

While I was over there I also got some dental work done and I couldn’t believe how honest they were. Instead of getting veneers, like I wanted, they suggested I get my teeth whitened and to the right colour before I start getting veneers so I got them cleaned whitened and a 3 month take home kit for only $600. They were also very professional and I was very happy with the outcome.

Catherine was great throughout the whole journey, she even came to the hospital with me for my consultation. So I just wanted to say a big thank you to Surgery Getaways and also to everyone at the hospital I couldn’t be happier =)

Jessica - VIC (Dr Veerawat - Phuket)
I had been wanting breast implants for the longest time and decided to act on getting it done instead of just thinking about it and started researching into it. WOW what a daunting process that was!

After a consultation with a surgeon here in Melbourne, I walked away thinking it would take me ages to sum up the amount of money it was going to cost me, so I decided to search options of going overseas. Eventually after filling out numerous inquiry forms and receiving quotes, I decided on Surgery Getaways for a variety of reasons. I spoke with Catherine and was pleasantly surprised of her confidence and sharing her experiences and she made going overseas sound so tempting. Also I could pay for surgery and accommodation when I got there. This gave me a little extra time to save instead of a front up payment.

After landing in Phuket with my husband, we were taken to our accommodation Catherine had organised. The following day we were picked up and taken to the hospital and met with Dr Veerawat for my consultation and was completely comfortable with him. I knew then I was in the right hands and was so excited that I could hardly contain myself!

The next morning after surgery I couldn’t help myself but to have a peek. They were swollen and I was very sore but it was worth it when I stood there for a countless time looking at those amazing breasts in the mirror! The private hospital room was big and pristine clean, with my own private bathroom. The hospital staff were great and after seeing Dr Veerawat, that afternoon I was taken back to my accommodation.

Six days later my husband and I were picked up and taken back to the hospital for my post op check up with Dr Veerawat. He was very happy with the results and I was elated to hear him say that. My husband is over the moon and can’t believe how great they look. He is still amazed till this day:)

Returning home was a sad affair but I couldn’t wait to show my friends as I knew a couple of them were waiting to see my result before deciding to go themselves. I can’t wait to get out of these sports bras and go shopping for feminine and sexy bras to hold my beautiful new breast. I cannot thank you enough Catherine for all your support, putting up with my many menial questions and organising everything for my husband and myself. I would recommend Phuket and Surgery Getaways to anyone wanting a cheaper alternative to surgery.

Josie - QLD (Dr Wichian - Bangkok)
I have recently returned from Bangkok where I underwent a Tummy Tuck and breast augmentation at the Yahnee Hospital under Dr. WICHIAN. As a first time international traveler, I was a bit apprehensive as to how I was going to find my way around and know what I was doing and where I was meant to be. Little did I know that by booking through Surgery Getaways all my worries were already behind me. From the moment we got off the plane in Bangkok and were greeted and transported by staff from the Yahnee Hospital, I knew this was going to be a trip to remember. The accommodation provided was beautiful to say the least and the staff no matter where we went treated us like royalty.

Walking in to Yahnee we were greeted at the door by staff and from that moment on until the moment we were farewelled at the hospital, we were completely taken care of and didn't have to lift a finger. On every level the experience was second to none. I had my own room and bathroom, staff constantly checking up on me, pain relief offered when ever I needed it, the standard I believe was that of most Western countries, hygienic more than most I have stayed in and some of the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet. The whole floor was for international patients, although the staff made you feel more like a guest. Most staff spoke English, and if they didnt they knew where to find a person who did.

My surgeries went brilliantly, Dr. WICHIAN spoke with me before the surgery and he made me feel completely confident in what he was going to do for me. After the surgery, I was never alone, to say I felt doted on would be an understatement. And as for the results, I never dreamed I would be this happy!! I could see the results immediately the next morning before the swelling started to kick in too much and I couldn't have been happier, it helped me fight through any pain i may have been in over the next few days. Catherine from Surgery Getaways rang a couple of days later to check how we were doing. I was still a bit out of it at that time.

After 4 nights in Hospital, it was back to our apartment for some much needed recovery time. After a few days we felt confident enough to venture out, and thanks to Catherine emailing up places to go and see prior to our trip, we had a fair idea of what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go.

Our first lot of accommodation was in a quieter part of the city where we could just relax and recuperate however getting towards the end of our stay there we were really keen to go to our new motel in the city where all the markets etc were. We spoke with Catherine and told her we would like to leave a day earlier to give us a bit more time in town, and within half an hour she had made the whole thing happen and we were set to go.

Ten days after our ops, we returned to Yahnee and had a post op consult where we had stitches removed. My Dr. took one look at me and said, "Wow, nice shape!". I was so happy that he was happy and verbalised that to me. Whilst at Yahnee that day, we also took the opportunity to have our teeth laser whitened. I won't lie, at times it was a little painful from sensitised pain, but the results are amazing!! People have not stopped commenting about my teeth since I returned to work, I am now getting lots of complements on my smile. The whole trip was a great success and now it is just like a dream. We shopped till we literally dropped and had the most amazing experiences like riding and playing with elephants, patting tigers and spending the night on the town at the Lady/boy Cabaret Calypso. I don't recall a single thing going wrong. I never had to stop to ask "what do we do?" "Where do we go?" The Thai people are the kindest most hospitable people, they alone will make your stay memorable.

Since returning home I have continued to be impressed with the results. Although still swollen and not fitting in to my original clothes still, I have a new shape and can see where it's all heading. My stomach in particular, I just can't stop looking at myself. I have lived with the hang that the c-section leaves for 13 years, to have a flat stomach now, all I can say is girls, you must do it!!! And it really is thanks to Catherine at Surgery Getaways that I felt I had the confidence to do this. We spoke on the phone on a number of occasions before we left and hearing about her own personal stories and experiences instilled a sense of calm in me and I knew I was in for a life changing experience. I know there are stories out there that Thailand hospitals are like 3rd world countries etc or that the standard in not up to scratch. Let me tell you I came away with all my kidneys and vital organs intact and no hesitations at all about recommending Yahnee to the world. I think they offer state of the art surgeries/procedures, after care, pain relief and staff. I would not have an issue at all if my own children had to be admitted or treated there, they are 2nd to no other hospital in my country that I have stayed in and go above and beyond to make your stay a pleasant one.

Catherine has continued to keep in touch and updated with my recovery process, and already I have friends booking their own trips to Bangkok after having seen my results and hearing about my experience. Thank you Catherine for all you have done and thank you to Surgery Getaways!!!

Corinne - WA (Dr Veerawat - Phuket)
After consultation with a surgeon in Australia I thought my dream of having a tummy tuck was financially out of my reach. I looked on the internet for other alternatives and came across Surgery Getaways. Catherine organised everything for me, the surgery, the hotel and transport to and from the hospital and airport.

Dr Veerawat was fantastic, he spoke great English and made me feel confident that I was in capable hands. The service at the hospital is fantastic! You are greeted every time you arrive at the hospital and escorted to your appointments so there is no chance of getting lost! The hospital was clean and modern and all the staff are friendly.

The total cost was less than half of what I would have paid in Australia and I got a holiday as well. I would highly recommend Surgery Getaways for anyone who is considering overseas surgery. Six weeks on I am thrilled with my tummy tuck. I have a flat stomach for the first time in years and my confidence is at an all time high!

Once you make a decision Surgery Getaways will make it happen
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